Paul Newman Week
2004 Daytona 24
Sometimes Things Don't Always Work Out As Planned
September 25, 2009

Kyle Petty, Gunnar Jeannette, Paul Newman, Michael Brockman
2004 Daytona 24 Hours

We had custom driving suits made for all 4 drivers...they were going to look real cool!
Newman loves his white "camp car" suit, so he had been wearing it during all of the practices,
saving the new suit and a new pair of driving shoes for the race. So now it was time to pose for
photos. I tell Paul that he needs to put on his new gear. Paul came out of the trailer and his voice
seemed a little higher than normal. Somehow, measurements must have gotten mixed up because
I think Paul got Billy Barty's suit by mistake. There was no way Paul was zipping the suit past his manhood!
So, now he puts his "camp car" suit back on and comes out with his new driving shoes. We noticed a stumble
in his stride. He looked at me and said, "how can I make these things fit?"
(Now, remember we're about to start a 24 hour race!)

I said, "just cut the ends off"...and he did! Minutes later, the toes are chopped off and he says,
"they're still too tight!" he went back to the old shoes and the old suit, but he was now in his comfort zone.

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