Guess What's Going to Rennsport 2011?
May 20, 2011

These are photos of different parts of cars we have restored or are in the process of restoring.


Can you guess what car this is?



This photo is a dead giveaway if you know your racing Porsches.



This would be hard for me to figure out, but I know!



Another easy one.



Is the carbon a dead giveaway?



What does the original driver of this car have in common with what you see in the picture? (This is a tough one!)



This should be an easy one.



How well do you guys know your racing Porsches.



Top secret project!



The color is your first clue.



Peace. Love. Dudes.

If we make it though May 21st, cuz the world is ending, then the 1st ten people to list the cars (or the type of car) correctly (email us or send us a personal message on Facebook) win a Gunnar Racing Rennsport IV t-shirt!