Rennsport Reunion
May 6, 2004

The Rennsport II Reunion April 23-25 at Daytona was a spectacular event. We had many of our customer's cars there including the Klaus Frers 906-001, which won 1st in class during the concours and Thomas Stegman's 906.

Jeffrey Hayes allowed us to show off his 917 and Jacques Cochin's 910-023 won 3rd in class during the concours.

Preston Henn attended and was able to drive his Daytona winning 935 & 962.

Mark Minkin and Stephen Bartkiw attended driving among other cars, their GT3 (Eddie) and the Gunnar 966.

We brought 3 cars for Chris Cox and here Wayne Jackson is getting ready to have fun in this 917.

Our team worked hard during the weekend. Shown here are Drew Slayton, Andy Jensen, Mark Schomann, Ryan Eversley, Jesea Jeannette, Jack Pearson and Tyson Banks. Thanks Team!!

A garage shot and a grid shot which includes our G99 driven by Ryan Eversley.

Wayne Jackson was victorious again in his 914 winning 1st overall !! Way to go Wayne!

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