Shop Update
September 13, 2010


We took this year off from updating the Gunnar Racing website. It's not that we're not working on the cars, but we have been racing a Le Mans prototype in the American Le Mans Series. If anyone is interested in seeing what else we do go to We'll try to get back into the swing of things at Gunnar Racing after Oct 2nd, which is the last race of our season. Thanks for hanging in there and enjoy the show!

906 In Progress

We will give a complete restoration of this really nice 906 before the project is finished. That way you'll be able to see everything we've done up to this point.

Just some shots the assembly.

Front suspension restored to original - including the original aluminum brake calipers.

Rear brake, also aluminum. Note the lightening holes in the disc.

Andy is in his second week of wiring. This is the fuse and a relay under the dash. This is an original fuse carrier.

906's did not have this asbestos free fire cloth covering the firewall. A lot of teams applied the old asbestos type material. We have had to take it off a number of racing Porsches in our day.

Here are the Perma Tunes. These are the CDI spark boxes. Perma Tune was used as a factory replacement on 911s that were delivered to California. They were better for the emissions because they threw a better more efficient spark. They still throw a better spark which is why we use them today.

Andy's all tied up and he's figuring 7 more days of wiring left to go!


1970 Porsche 911 East African Safari Car

This car was in pretty bad shape because after it was raced as a rally car it became an "ice racer". This caused a lot of rust in the tub. Our motto is: "No rust hole too small!".

Bill's doing the metal work on the rear quarter.

The car is originally white so we white prime before final paint. The door is also sized and primed, but removed for now.

This car has lots of special modifications, which we will show you through the process.

Here's the other side. Note the new rocker with the factory tag still on it. We have all the pictures from when we started this project and we will update this project on the site in the near future.

It's not a 911, it's not a 930, it's not a Carrera, it's a 2.5 fender. Not the same as any other fender on a Porsche.

The arrow points at the factory strengthening panel at the spring plate-torque tube. The 2.5 cars which were built in 1969-1972 had this strengthening piece. The RSR had the same metal doubler (which is what we call this piece).


911 R

Here's a special one because all 911R's are special. Again, we will show you the full restoration, but this is where we are at as of work this month.

Cory is the paint stripper, metal prepper, bodyworker on this project. He's already done all of the detail work in the front fender and front trunk. Kevin, Bill, and Cory have done all the bodywork on the outside panels.

Note the hole for the oil tank.

Now he's in the cockpit going to bare metal before primer.


GP 917S-001

This is an exact clone, but we are using 3.8L flat fan engine with a Quaife 5 speed transmission.

Other than the engine and transmission, the car is exact in every detail. It is being built to accept an original 12 cylinder 917 engine and transmission.

Bret is machining the engine saddle which is bolted to the bell housing. The bell housing comes from a Porsche 962 and is adapted to the saddle Bret is working on.

This will give you an idea of what the back will look like. When the mount for the tailpipes is installed on the back of the transmission it will look pretty close to original.

All these parts are just in for mock-up purposes.

All the chassis tubes and the suspension pickup points are made to the factory spec.

This is a 917 firewall that I'm just finishing for a friend and customer in Germany.


Rothmans's 962

During all the other work we do, we still have to service what we race. Bret has just installed a fresh engine in this 962.

I'm rebuilding the transmission and we'll install it at the end of the week.

This concludes what we are doing at Gunnar Racing.....................with the Porsche's that is.