Victory Junction Gang Camp
Grand Opening - June 15, 2004
June 17, 2004

Victory Junction just held their grand opening on June 15th. It was a very special and heart warming evening and we were very proud to be a part of the festivities.

The photo on the right shows Gunnar, Jesea and Kevin as we arrived at this spectacular camp for seriously ill children.

On the left is the Fuel Stop (dining hall) and on the right is the Body Shop (medical center).

We brought our G-99 as it raced with Kyle Petty, Paul Newman and Gunnar at Watkins Glen last year. This livery celebrates all of the the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps. On the right is Jesea in the Fab Shop, where the campers go to get Fabulous.

Here on the left is the water park and on the right is the Victory Junction Nascar.

The kids will have a lot of fun in their theatre putting on plays and watching movies. The ceiling is decorated with Nascar hoods.

It was quite a celebration with fireworks and a dazzling walk through the tunnel on the way out.
The first group of campers is scheduled to arrive on June 20th.

Please visit their website at and donate to this worthy cause.
Thank you!

"The Victory Junction Gang Camp is about fueling ill children with memories that will sustain and inspire them! For the children, it's as simple as kicking back and relaxing, making friends with other children who have illnesses, not worrying about being different, experiencing the fun and activities of summer camp and making memories."

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