"The Good Old Days"
Pictures of the life and times at Gunnar Racing from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's.
Photograph 25

Miami Grand Prix, 1986. Foyt is in the Swap Shop 962-104 at speed. When he pitted for Danny Sullivan to get in, he overshot the pits and then got out as we were trying to push him back in our pit box. It must have cost us 40-50 seconds. Danny got in and drove the F__king wheels off, putting the car in contention for a win, behind Wollek in the Bayside 962. At the finish, we lost by 26 seconds.

Miami Grand Prix, 1991. We ran our new 966 with drivers John Paul, Jr. and local Miami boy, Victor Gonzales. We were surprised by how good the car was, but a piece of tire rubber bounced onto the crankshaft trigger and killed the engine on the circuit. We couldn't rescue the car to keep it running. The young lad in the cockpit on the left is my kid, Gunnar. Little did he know then,
that he would be driving a LMP-900 at the 2003 Miami Grand Prix for JML Panoz.
On the right, Gunnar is cleaning the car with friend, TJ Harley.

Miami Grand Prix, 1992. Our 966 was sponsored by Balado Tires in Miami and Pete Rose's, "The Precinct" restaurant in Cincinnati. Our drivers were John Paul, Jr., Albert Naon, Jr., and Mark Seiden. Here Kevin Doran and the team pose with me for a picture. Kevin was our crew chief back then. The crazy thing about these pictures is that they are a great reminder of Gunnar Racing's involvement through the years in Miami. In 1983, before the first Miami race, Preston was asked to bring some of his race cars for an introduction of the track to the media. Preston in a 935, Bonnie (his daughter) in a 935, and myself driving a 512, toured the circuit two times for the TV cameras and spectators. Later, when the TV show, Miami Vice, featured the Miami Grand Prix in one of its episodes, Andy, my main guy, drove Miles Collier's 906, picked up a hooker, then left the stunt driving up to yours truly for the chase scenes. It was way too much fun. So as you can see,
Miami has great memories for all of us. Good luck this weekend Gunnar!


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