May 26, 2005

The final sanding is always done by me, because I have to paint what I sand. If there's a pinhole, scratch, or a dent that we missed, I get to find it before the final coat is applied.

In this case, I am doing the final block sand before final primer. I am sanding with 220 grit paper.

The dark spots are high spots. I use a paint stick (a good flat one) and that's the best way to accomplish a flat paint surface.

Jack is sanding the insides with 320 for the final coat of satin black.

The satin paint was applied, but the webmaster missed the shot because we are so quick. Jack has taped off the inside so the final silver doesn't get on the final black.

Bingo...12:30pm, Thursday, May 26th..final paint has been applied.

Tomorrow, the tail gets moved to the assembly shop and 090's tail (in the background), gets the block sand, final primer, and satin black on the inside and then final silver. This will take place next week. Tomorrow is a total shop clean up day. We have been working on the buildings to finalize repairing all the hurricane damage. We could give you these updates too, but that might be a little boring. Have a nice weekend.

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