January 23, 2004

With the area under the dashboard completed, we will now install the trunk firewall.

This was indexed before we cut it out. We did some repair work before we re-installed it.

The inside of the trunk has all been repaired. It has been re-skinned with one thin layer of mat.
You can see the detail in the cockpit in the photo on the right.

This is the battery opening with the battery cover in place.
Remember, this will all be textured and painted gray.

Jack is finishing up the firewall structure, which had to be opened for the roll bar.

Because the new roll bar is bigger than the original (safety first), the inside structure has to be re-shaped for the new size. The picture shows the new bar roughed up so the new fiberglass panel will stick to it (makes the bond stronger).

The front trunk has been sand blasted and will be re-skinned to match the firewall bulkhead.
The firewall is now finished and ready for primer.

Jack has done a magnificent job installing the dashboard. Next, we will be starting the outside bodywork.

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