September 17, 2003

Jack keeps on churning, grinding, gluing, and attaching cockpit panels.

The blue material is peel ply (dacron).
This is removed after the polyester resin dries and leaves a smooth surface.

The cockpit we used was white gel coat, so to keep the base color the same, we used
white pigment in the resin. The firewall between the fuel tank and the dashboard has been rebuilt
and after the mold is made, will be reinstalled in 068.

The dashboard mold is about to have a part made in it. The firewall got a coat of orange tooling gel.
This is the harder gel coat used in mold making.

Here I am laying up the first dashboard. One is for 068 and one is for 119.

The dashboard is made. The color is translucent because neutral gel coat was used.
The factory made some of the panels with neutral gel coat, including the dash.

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