November 19, 2003

The shiny piece of metal is a 1/8" thick doubler, which strengthens the tower
before the roll bar down bar gets welded to it.

When this part is painted, it will hardly be noticed.

It does make the rear of the chassis stronger and safer.

The down bar on the right side is made removable to aid removal of the oil tank
and it also helps with engine installation.

Remember, we used bigger material for the roll bar and the double plate base is welded to the chassis.

This bar is F.I.A. legal.

Another view of the removable joints.

Jack has fit the dash and before installation is cutting all the holes out.

The holes are for the gauges and switches.

This is very easy when you can hold it as Jack is, rather than bending over while it's in the car.

In the following days, the dash will be glued in place.

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