February 11, 2005

090 had more damage in the front end than 068. We have had to repair the hinge openings on the front structural cross member.

Both the fender structures needed a little TLC before final paint.

The glass was removed where it did not adhere. The inner structure helps keep the front end sound.

Both sides needed some repair. We left these areas undone until the hood was final fit, just in case we had to re-adjust them.

Glass has been applied and the next step will be to make these areas pretty (original look).

The hood as been re-set and the perimeter around the headlight openings are glassed so the edge of the headlight bucket meets the edge of the hood perfectly (at least as good as original).

Jack is doing the final bodywork on the leading edge of the hood.

Jack is putting the finishing touches on the front end of 090. I am now block sanding both cars for primer, then paint. You'll see these steps next week.

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