February 23, 2005

090 is being painted at the same time 068 is getting its final cockpit paint.

I end up being a little gray when I'm finished painting two of these things.

First by the rubberized coating and then the dark gray paint. These pictures show a lot of hard work covered up in about ten minutes.

Notice the foot well area, which includes the metal cross brace of the frame. This part was already painted black and now it's masked off so the surface coating doesn't get on the nicely painted surface.

Back to the cloud. You couldn't breath in here for even one breath! This shit would kill ya if you didn't wear a mask.

First the roof is painted, then the foot well, last is the seat area. This way I don't drag a hose across a freshly painted surface.

Next, for both 904's, the engine area and front trunks will get final satin paint.

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