May 13, 2005

While 090 is sitting next to its cousin, waiting for assembly...

Jack and I are preparing the insides of the tail for final primer.

Jack is on 068 and I am on 090. You can see the white polyester filler on my tail. This gets rid of pinholes and small imperfections in the original trunk housing. This material sands very easy and leaves no pinholes. After a week of working on these tails, Jack and I are ready to rob another bank. We figure if we get caught, they'll never be able to identify us by our fingerprints...cuz we have none left. The attention to detail in these 904s is by far more than they were originally. We do leave character in our workmanship, but it's hard for us to leave the surfaces original because they are so bad. We try to find a happy medium so the customer knows he has a nice part, but not perfect. This means those who restore their 904s leaving the inside surfaces original, are doing a great job for the originality of the car. Most 904 owners want a little nicer look than original.

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