November 11, 2004

The picture on the left is the front trunk brace. The hood hinges rest in the grooves on this part. Andy is recessing the new hinge hardware. 99% of all 904's have problems with these hinge bolts separating from the body.

Andy is holding the special threaded receiver and the special made hinge bolt. We epoxy these parts to the body, which gives them a lot longer life.

Re-fitting the hood is a very tedious job. All the measurements to fit a 904 hood are very critical for proper alignment and fit.

090 still has it's original hood (we rescued all the crash damage), but it still needs strengthening in the hinge base area. More often than not, the 5mm inserts pull out of the structure. We always strengthen these areas so longer life can be obtained.

Andy is putting the finishing touches on the brake ducts. Here are the original 5mm steel inserts. You can purchase all the metric inserts for 904's.

Andy is now grinding the proper angle on the hinge base.

Ready for paint.

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