June 6, 2003

This is 090 front suspension ready to come apart.

This is just like the rest of the car, really original, but in a really used up condition.

Our business at Gunnar is of course, "making chicken salad out of chicken shit!".

Andy and Jack have been pounding the last two days, taking all these suspensions apart.

Jack has separated the front hub from the disc. If the disc is within tolerance, we will restore it and use it over. If not, it will be replaced.

Even with a bent control arm you could align the car and still fall into factory specifications. This is not a good practice because a bent control arm could have other problems which could cause a failure.
(i.e. cracks and worn out bearings).
Check this out! Andy vetoed Jack's earlier idea of using a numbered tag, but I didn't know this. Today, Sharon said to me "Why don't I make number tags so you can identify between all of the 904 parts?", I thought it was a great idea!
Score: Jack, Sharon, & Kevin - 1 each,
Andy - 0, zip, nada.
All the pictures don't have numbers yet, and maybe we'll only do one tag for a group of pictures. We would like to think we're pioneering website restorations (so all you Porsche freaks can enjoy the chaos at Gunnar), but we are still learning!

In this picture the pencil points to a bent bearing race. This means that the bearing inside could also have tolerance problems, thus the suspension would become loose. We will replace this with a new bearing.

This is the plastic ball-joint bearing. As you can see, the environment (oil, gas, dirt, air) and time have ruined it. We make these bearings also. So all the suspension parts will be straightened, checked for cracks, and painted like new.

Jack uses the buzz scriber to mark every suspension piece (in inconspicuous places), so we can identify which parts go to which cars. Oh yeah, I ordered new shirts for the boys. I know were getting a little crusty in the uniform department (look at Jack's shirt)!

These carts are our customers best friends.

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