December 12, 2002

The serial plate reads 904-090.

This is what it looked like when we got it.

A blast from the past. It was raced in 1971 by Jeff Kline and parked after that until Tom bought it.

They were all made is gel coat silver. If they were delivered a different color, the car got a coat of primer and the color. This car was signal red. Rudy Klein must have painted it white. This explains gray primer after red and then white as the color (remember car has been sitting since the early 70's).

This is the original paint that was underneath the duck tail.

The cockpit is all original except the steering wheel. The seats are so nice, a good cleaning might be all they need.

This is the fuse carrier underneath the dash. The arrows point to two blown fuses that have been soldered to make them heavy duty. Maybe this is an old German trick.

Pedals are out.

Just for giggles we thought we'd try to start the engine.

After oil pressure and a little starting fluid, it fired up. Not bad for an engine that has been sitting since 1971.

This picture shows the mouse house that blew out of the 1-2 tail pipe (sorry Mr. Mouse).

The engine is out.

It's so nice working on such a preserved car. 99.9% of everything is original and never *ucked with!

Because this car is going to be a 6 cylinder, the engine will be boxed and restored later.

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