December 16, 2002

904-090 is still coming apart. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry, we were having trouble with our camera.



We're always taking detailed pictures because we are going to need them sooner or later.






Now, the fun begins!

Steam cleaning the car is the best way to remove any grease, oil, or paint that never adhered.

You can see the front half of the floor has been covered with a piece of aluminum. The car probably went off course a few times and scraped up the bottom, so someone had the bright idea to cover it.

Here I am holding the panel that was riveted to the floor. It's always scary before you remove something like this, thinking there are big holes underneath. Luckily the floor is in great shape.

Just lots of dirt between the panel and the floor.

How about this artistic shot.

It's way easier to steam the old paint and grime away rather than sandblasting or grinding it.

Remember when I said all 904's came gelcoat silver. When the cars were painted at the factory, the paint only got where it could reach. Thus, the red over spray mark on the side pod.

By the time I'm finished steam cleaning (because I'm actually blasting the paint off too) I'll have about 8 hours worth of cleaning.

Earlier, in the first pictures of this project, I explained the layers of paint and showed two pictures. While steam cleaning, I discovered that the layers of paint that looked like primer, were actually a layer of silver paint, then primer gray before white. The arrow is pointing to the shiny silver paint surface.

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