April 28, 2011

You saw Andy gluing the battery bottom to the floor earlier. We use the braille battery which is sealed so there is no mess from vibration.

All the vent wing hinges have to be handmade. We must have 50 extra original and remade hinges, but they never seem to work. The hinges are a crazy compilation of different angles so they have to be made to fit each window individually.


I can't remember when we got a vent wing to open this far!

The cooling hoses are installed for a trial fit.

The same on the other side.

The seat is being fit. First you have to get the seat frame to slide in the rails. This is really fun!

Then you have to make sure the pin lock will work. This is also fun.

You wonder why the seat is already upholstered?

It's easier to upholster the seat before it's painted. When the material is trimmed, the glue and the edge of the material take their toll on the painted surface. The tape holds everything in place for a trial fitting before we glue the two together.

Seems to work fine. If Moses can part The Red Sea, Andy can get a 906 seat to slide.

Things are tight in location, but it's normal in a Porsche prototype.

GEZE- 906 decklids fly off unless you got them!

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