November 22, 2007

Another 906...oh boy! This car comes out of England from a great couple, Bill and Anita Stephens. This is one bookend and the other is a 904, which I believe has less than 5,000 original miles. It is undoubtedly the most original (unraced) 904 in existence. Bill has a high standard for any car that he owns and we at Gunnar Racing are grateful that we are able to do this project for him.

The car arrived via jet and we discovered the condition isn't what we would call pristine...but the body seems to be all original and intact (even though it was tie wrapped to the chassis). The only thing missing was the floorboard.

I gave Bill two options, one was to re-body the car, which would be way cheaper and way quicker. The second option was to save the old body, which would be time and material...any car owner's worst nightmare, not knowing how much it would cost! I told Bill that the difference in cost would be made up by the car retaining its mostly original body. Bill decided, "Save the body".

This is what you would call a grinding party, and believe it or not, there's only one guy at Gunnar Racing capable of enduring the mental anguish to grind hundreds of square feet of fiberglass to obtain original thickness and original shapes because the car has been crashed and repaired many times. The crash repair in the old days left a little to be desired.

The car came pretty complete with all the mechanical parts. Typically, we have have to search for the right pieces to complete a job of this size. Bill has owned this car for awhile and has been collecting the necessary parts needed for the restoration. We will procure the necessary bits to finish 130.

We will show you details of how to save every panel and part needed to rebuild the car with original patina.

The car has a great history and some really cool paint jobs. We will show you in the upcoming updates what the car will look like when it's finished.

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