1970 Porsche 911 East African Safari
December 9, 2010

Love the rotisserie, the rotisserie loves us!

A lot of priming going on.

On a '69 and '70 model only the outside skins were painted the color of the car.

The rest was what we call "cheap black".

This doesn't necessarily mean flat or satin black, it was just cheap paint.

They might have called it matte black, but who even knows. This is the way we do it at Gunnar Racing.

It ends up looking like original, but in these pictures it's just black primer. This keeps the chips to a minimum in the visual department because if it chips to the primer the primer is black so the chip is hard to see. It just makes it look nicer a lot longer.

Everything has detail.

We all know that the front trunk, the engine bay, or even the smugglers box were never this nice.... What we haven't been able to do is paint something in a restoration and make it look 40 years old. Patina will come with age, same like a good bottle of wine.... Does that make any sense?

To paint one of these 911's we go through about a million miles of masking paper to keep the detail nice and clean and free from over spray.

We know Porsche never painted them this way, but this is the way we do it so tough shit.

First primer is being sanded for final primer.

The floor has been primed a second time so we mask it off to keep it from over spray while we paint the dash and kick panels.

Final paint and this area will be covered with lightweight carpet.

Now working in the engine bay, stripped to bare, a little bodywork, and primer.

You can note the oil lines coming through for the front coolers (capped with green masking tape).

No strengthening to the shock towers yet, this won't be done for a few more years (when the RSR received all the strengthening gussets in the engine bay).

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