March 24, 2011

The cockpit is in final primer.

Same thing, different end.

Now we are going to get to the bodywork. I keep telling everybody it wasn't on the car in the fire... Remember the car caught fire in a body shop.

Rumor was, the car has 1000 original K's on it and the paint you're looking at is original.

Clearly there was a little filler work done, but everything else is original paint.

Another view.

This is the only remaining bodywork. The doors, rear bumper, and deck lid were burnt up in the fire.

The fit isn't that bad between the bumper and fender. These parts are just hanging on.... We'll adjust them tmrw.

All of the holes and all of the detail are original Porsche Factory 911R fabrication.

After these parts were cleaned we found a bazillion little heat bubbles. Now it does appear that the parts were on the vehicle (maybe not the hood) during the fire.

We have also started working on the engine.

This is the 911R flywheel.

Got a little toasty on top of the engine.

Score: Fire-1, Alternater-0

The distributor did okay just toasted the cap.

Another view.

Grenade filter didn't do too bad, but the end of the suction hose did burn.

A little media blasting and some coating should be good enough.

This is actually the same breather cap as a Carrera 6 and is also in good condition.

Pistons are ready for new rings and the cylinders just need a fine hone and they'll be good to go.

Serial # of the original block-case.

Engine type: 901-22. Can you say "original engine to the car!".

Doesn't look bad, but we'll still have it tumbled at Ollie's.

Heads are in nearly perfect 1000km condition.

Not sure if I'm going to separate the Ti-rods from the crank. They look to be in perfect condition.

A box of goodies including the oil pump and the aluminum cylinder air deflectors.

The engine came disassembled in a basket, but is in really great shape. The carbs were burnt off the engine and of course all of the sheet metal was toasted, but we can fix all of this because this baby is going to Rennsport!

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