April 28, 2011

Remember the last update? The parts look a little better after lots of love.

Back to the before shot.

The calipers are steel not aluminum.

The Factory "R" race cars seemingly had alloy calipers in the front and steel in the rear.

Things got hot, but rubber can't take the heat. You can see this caliper got a little more heat....

...Than this one. The rubber (isolator) is still pliable.

The piston is normal. Untreated metal rusts. We will remedy the rust problem.

When all of the hardware is black (dark gray) the process is called phosphate. This is basically a coating that prepares the metal for primer or paint.

The phosphate coating does make the metal more resistant to rust, but only for a short time. Time enough for the car to be built and delivered to customers before the parts start to rust. Keeping the hardware in a oiled condition will make them look good for years.

Reassembly time.


Rear hubs, front hubs, and calipers are ready for assembly.

The brakes were perfect but needed new paint.


The hubs cleaned right up.

This is a different story.

After the parts are disassembled we will glass bead all the assemblies and see if they're worth saving. The good news is that these parts are the same as any 1967 911.

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