Crash Repair 904-006


More detail.... The shifter cover was made larger, probably sometime in the 60's, because the shifting mount always broke and you had to get in below it in order to reweld it. This was a factory update on all of the early 904's.

The problem was nobody ever refit the cover nicely. The finish was fiberglass mat, but originally it was a gray plastic (abs type), so we are going to make it look original.

Notice the cockpit is just about ready for the splatter finish, after 3 days of sanding. Remember, someone thought this should be fiberglass mat finish.

The battery box covers were kinda right, but made of fiberglass which is stronger than abs plastic. Although not correct, we had to finish off both sides and prime it in urethane dark gray, so that it looks original but won't crack in the future.

Headlight duty... The left headlight remained original while the right headlight bucket had to be made and glued in.

The hole was cut for the light to go through.

Before the fender brace could be glued in (the black painted part) the headlight adjuster had to be installed on both sides.

The brace is now glued in.

The fender braces, all of the seams, and the final texture are all finished in the front trunk and ready for paint. This concludes Kevin's 35 hour weekend!

Monday....Mark is doing the final fit on the hood.

Jack is finalizing the inside rear fender wells.

Ryan is making the battery cover look like the abs plastic.

Body work had to be done on both sides, including patching the hole by his fingers where the electric cut-of switch stuck out (this will be moved because it is too low in the cockpit, not driver reachable.) The boys in France will want it moved, so we will do it!

Duct tails have been installed.

Andy is finishing the hinge fitting.

Wheel arch is ready to be glued in.

The tail is in a fixed position, so all of the final fabrication of hinges, brake ducts, and wheel arches will be finished before the tail comes off.

Looks as if Andy is holding the catch of the day, but he is actually holding the rear suspension which we are replacing and giving a quick paint job to. We took this picture in the museum to give you something to look at rather than the cluttered body shop.


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