Crash Repair 904-006
11/08/01 Pt. III

The fiberglass door sill is in the process of being cut away to determine how far back the box frame was damaged. The arrows are pointing to the remainder of the body. The top of the box frame looks a bit funny because of the glue that was used to hold the body on.

Here is the front of the car with the nose cut off. The arrows are pointing to the bend in the frame where the wheel came into it during the crash. The arrows on the bottom are pointing to the oil lines which run through the frame and were not ruptured but severely bent in the impact.

In this picture you can see the bend in the frame much better. The firewall had to be cut out with most of the body to see the amount of damage that was done to the frame.

Here is the nose that was cut off after the crash. We will try to use as much of the original body when we start putting the car back together.

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