Crash Repair 904-006

The car is still being dismantled and we are starting to make new pieces.

Here is the mold for the cross member of the front hood.

The cross member has just been taken out of the mold.

All of the excess material has been cut off and the piece is ready to be added to the hood.

Here is the mold for the front hood; its gray because it has been sprayed with DuraTech, which is a polyester primer that acts as a sandable gel coat. The fiberglass piece will be made by "laying up" the fiberglass and resin on top of the mold.

The front hood is in the process of being layed up. The first layer is 3/4 ounce mat, second layer 6 ounce german weave cloth, thrid layer 3/4 ounce mat (for original texture).

Kevin is completing the layup.

Once all of the layers of "glass" had been applied in the mold, the cross member was put on top while the hood was wet. We then put clamps and as much weight as possible on top to hold the two pieces together while the resin cures or "goes off".

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