November 13, 2003

The owner has decided to use the lower position of the down bars.
The F.I.A. lets this go as a grandfathered rule.

There is an 1/8" plate welded to the shock tower and then the roll bar is welded to that.

The deck lid needs no altering with this down bar position. 99% of the 904's that were raced in the U.S. used this roll bar position, with the exception of the plates under the bar and behind the down bar.

The cross bar is installed just under shoulder height (for seat belt position). It is low enough that the 906 engine fan can still get air from an air box that fits between the fan and the firewall in the rectangular area that you can see in this picture to the left and right of the fan.

The original bulk head (firewall) support will be re installed around the roll bars.
This will make it look original, except for the down bars coming back.

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