November 25, 2003

We're getting ready to weld up the roll bar, but we're waiting for final approval from the owner. The rules in Europe are different than America and we want to make sure that this roll bar meets the F.I.A. rules.

More detailed shots

This is the base plate that has to be welded to the tower.

These joints are all just tack welded.

Mark is happy to be finished with another one. He is actually sanding the bar so I can paint it.

Here is a close up of the weight that we'll add to the car. The scale says 27 lbs. but you can deduct the weight of the original wimpy bar. Andy and Jack are now rebuilding the suspension. The following photos are the disassembly of the very original, but also very rusty parts.

Andy has tagged the important pieces for identification.

Andy measures all the spacers so they get back to the original location.

The suspensions for 904-067, 068, 090, and 119 are already stamped with numbers so they match their car. We don't need to mark 906-001 because it is the only suspension not rebuilt yet.

The suspension components actually have low mileage, but have been sitting too long without a proper coat of paint. Rust, rust, rust

Some of these joints have to be soaked with a special rust reducer.

It's not easy separating these parts without hurting them (a lot of pounding going on). We don't want to hurt the part so we will wait for the rust solution to help with the part separation.

The moisture on the parts is our special rust removal solution.

After the parts are separated, Jack bead blasts them, applies a little bit of pit filling, then primer.

The best thing about getting these parts cleaned and blasted is that you have a chance to inspect them for cracks and imperfections. Sometimes you find small oddities such as; check out the washer that is silver sodered to the right suspension arm. The left suspension arm has no washer. It's just the way this car was assembled. We know the car did have an accident in the rear and maybe then a standard part was installed on the car instead of the updated part. The washer adds strength to the suspension bolt so we are going to silver soder a washer on the other side too.


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