February 15, 2005

Well, as you can see, 127 has been out of the booth for about a month.

Assembly has begun, and while Jack and I are still in the body shop, Andy is flat out bolting this thing together.

Jack and Andy are painting the final gray. There are at least two shades of gray in 906s. There is dark gray and medium gray. The remaining original pieces from this car showed signs of the darker gray so that's what we're using.

Detail, detail, detail.

We try to do it nice, but a little bit of character (a drip or run) never killed anybody.

We leave the doorsills unpainted until the cockpit is completely assembled.

Andy has worked overtime and has most all the suspension installed on the car. Remember, most these parts were already restored and sitting in the assembly cart waiting to be installed.

Anytime we can't think of a job that will take less than a day, we bolt on something that's simple, ie: the front blinkers. This keeps us psyched up.

Andy has now installed new Girling master cylinders. You can still buy the original brake reservoirs but you gotta kill to get the blue top caps.

Andy will start installing the brake lines after the wire harness is installed.

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