January 20, 2005

These first pictures are from January 3rd. We are just getting the final primer applied.

The car is block sanded and then primed red. It was then re-taped so we could prime the bottom.

Our decision was to paint the underneath gray, but we decided to paint it like Stegman's signal red 906, which meant painting the underside red.

It's hard to tell that this is red primer because it looks like shiny signal red.

The picture on the right shows the true color.When primer is added, it dulls the color.

Jack and I are now sanding the primer for final signal red paint.

I remember how old I am when I'm sanding the bottom of a car. Or shall I say, I remember how old my neck is.

From sanding to paint, it's always great news when the final paint is going on any part of a restoration!

I actually made a jig to install a 906 into our rotisserie, but it takes about a week to find the fixtures, a day to install them, and another day to get the whole thing in the booth. It just becomes easier to lay on my back for one day. Ok, I've complained, now I feel better.

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