March 2, 2005

Andy has been working diligently preparing the car for the wire harness.

First, the fireproof mat is glued to the firewall. Andy first made paper patterns (I tell him to save them every time we do one of these...but he doesn't), then cuts the material to a perfect fit. 906's never had this material, but 910's on did. We follow the safety factor more than the original factor.

Plus, it looks really sharp when it's installed and it's still easy to clean.

Andy has altered the mold for the fuse carrier because he discovered the 906 fuse carrier is a little different (we do this every time too)...ANDY!!

But when it's finished, doesn't it look great with all the goodies hanging off of it?

Fuel pump, wires, and oh yea...some of the 906's had white paint applied in the gauge slots. This made them easier to see deep down inside their holes.

Andy sands and tapes...

I paint.
The front hood has been re-installed to insure a perfect fit. It will go to primer tomorrow.

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