March 30, 2005

Shifters away! This is actually a mock shift handle because the original is being hard chromed. We should have it back in a couple days. The tools on the right are Andy's brake line tools. The tools include: a tubing cutter, a single flare mandrel and a double mandrel for making the flared ends of the tubing. It's tough to see the tygon hose, but this hose must go over the tubing before you flare the ends.

You can see the new brake lines are installed.

Porsche put plastic tygon on all the hard pipes (tubes) to protect them.

This is what the lines look like for the rear brakes.

In this picture, I am blowing air into the end of the tygon to expand it enough to slide over the brake line. This is our patented method. If you all do this, you must get permission from Gunnar Racing...NOT!

Here, Andy is showing you how the flaring tool works. The tube is extended just enough through the mandrel (it has the lower flare machined into the surface), then the top flare is installed on top of the tube and the vise then squeezes it to make the other side of the double flare.

Andy has used the tubing cutter, which has a cleanup taper on the end. This is used to knock the burr away from the tubing cutter. The picture on the right shows Andy putting a touch of grease on the top flaring mandrel. This makes the press a lot easier.

Now the vise squeezes the mandrel to make the perfect flare.

Bingo! Remember, you have to put the tygon shield over the tube before you install the ends. Andy has just made one end and will slide the tygon over the other side.

Even the line in the cockpit (original placement) is covered with the plastic tygon tubing. You can buy this tubing at any fine hardware store. Most aquarium shops (where you buy tropical fish) stock the same tubing because it's used in the air pumps.

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