April 22, 2005

Servicing the grenade filter before installation. There are better filters than the original, but these do fine.

Andy has bolted it to the firewall and is assembling new oil lines.

The process is about 3 days of sore fingers and frazzled brains!

We've made this little fixture that holds the ferrels, so the braided hose can be pushed while the fitting is screwed into the hose. This ain't an easy job, but it makes a clean, original installation. Just for the record, some 906s had black cloth braided hose and some had steel braided hose.

Oil cooler and fittings are now mounted. Last coat of primer on the bottom of the tail.

Prepping the passenger door. Primered door is installed for final fit.

Driver's door is ready for primer. Andy has rebuilt the oil thermostat and will install it.

It's kinda up in no man's land under the dash, but it does keep some of the heat away from the driver in this location. If it looks like it's bolted to a fitting on the chassis...it is. Remember, oil travels through the space frame. This saves weight (steel braided oil lines aren't light) and makes it easy to service. Of course if you get in a wreck, sometimes you spring a leak from the oil draining into other chassis tubes. The good news: this doesn't happen very often.

Andy has cut the hole for the oil lines to the cooler.

Andy uses our wooden buck to form the screen for the cooler.

Tap, tap, tap, a little cut here, tap, tap, tap.

Bingo! The steel frame will surround the screen and the cooler gets re-bolted to the fiberglass body. Andy has marked the kick panel for the return oil line. Again, this line is hooked up to the chassis. This pipe goes under the drivers seat (hot seat).

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