May 13, 2005

Installing the oil tank seems like an easy job, but it ain't. Just to get the thing to a patina that looks original, is quite a job because of all the years of corrosion.

Andy disassembles the tank fittings, including the metal collar that retains the oil cap.

We re-plate all the necessary hardware, installing new seals and crush washers at all the fittings.

Andy and Martin are bucking the rivets for the filler cap collar. Epoxy is used as a sealing filler between the tank and the collar.

When all these parts (that Andy has been restoring for weeks) are installed, it really looks clean, neat and original.

Andy is now hooking up the oil lines, including an original breather tank. These tanks would normally hang on the chassis, but were all moved to the fiberglass undertray because they kept falling off the mounts on the frame.

I have now completed the passenger seat. This seat will be mounted with heavier hardware because this car will be used for touring and undoubtedly, a passenger will ride along. The way the carrera 6 passenger seat normally mounts, is basically for looks. So, if someone is to sit in it, you have to beef it up. These seats will go to the upholsterer next week.

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