May 26, 2005

The picture on the left is a Lobro style axle, otherwise known as a CV joint. The picture on the right is the factory original Nadella style. This is a double action universal joint.

Here is a comparison between both axle types. The Nadella weighs 11 pounds and the Lobro-CV weighs 15 pounds with adapters. 906-127 has a new set of factory original axles purchased from Stoddard Porsche a long time ago. We will use these axles because they are new and will last for years in vintage racing. In every other Carrera 6 we've built, we've used CV joint type axles. These are bullet proof because they are built for Volkswagens. They are dependable and easy to maintain, where the Nadella factory are not easy to maintain, but if they are new, there is no concern. There are many Carrera 6s running with tired Nadella axles. They should be converted to CV joints if they aren't as lucky as us to have a new set of Nadellas on the shelf.

Here, Andy is making the battery box right from the aircraft battery we use. We use this type of battery because the acid cannot leak through the one way vent caps. The battery is a little bigger than original, but you will never know that by the looks. The battery has a lot more cranking amps than the original and you can buy them over the counter at any airplane service center.

The battery base is trimmed and ready for installation. Andy is getting the wiring harness ready for the first smoke test.

Aircraft Windshields does the best job of bending plexi. For you Carrera 6 goons, yes, this is the proper material to make 906 parts from. Back in the day, this material was called plexi-10. 10 represents a tougher surface to resist bigger and stronger bugs for airplane canopies and such.

The headlight covers will be the last part fit to the car. Remember, I said the last mechanical part will be mounting the headlights. This will happen very soon.

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