June 3, 2005

127 is getting it's large charge, which means final installation of the battery box. You can see in the picture on the right, the two black battery tie downs. These are not original to a Carrera 6 because they were strapped down with a rubber strap in the early days. Current safety regulations say we have to secure the battery with at least metal straps. We use a metal frame that surrounds the battery and bolts to these two 6mm studs. All of our prototype Porsches use this same battery system.

Andy has installed a VDO oil pressure gauge. Remember, Carrera 6s did not have oil pressure readings of any kind, only a dummy light in the tachometer...not cool.

Andy is installing the 46 webers, but we only have one intake manifold. The other is on loan and we're waiting to getting it back.

Gaskets are a little difficult to get for the big weber, so we enlarge a smaller version so the fit is perfect. Bieker Engineering rebuilds and restores all of our webers. They do a really great job.

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