September 2, 2005

We cheat in three areas when we rebuild or restore an old racing Porsche.
1. The tires - basically, anything goes, but Dunlop makes exact looking period tires, but with different compounds.
2. Driver safety - seat belts, roll bars - anything current is O.K.
3. Fuel cells - 906's, 910's, 907's, and 908's had aluminum gas tanks - so we install fuel cells.

The side pods have been installed and the car was shipped to Orlando Cairo, a great aluminum fabricator. Orlando has done the fabrication so the fuel cells will be easily installed with all the new necessary hardware to connect the left tank to the right tank.

The pipe coming up is the new filler neck for filling the fuel tanks. I will fabricate the original fuel cap so it attaches to the tail. You will open the cap and see the new filler neck with a safety cap installed. You will only see the non-original cap when you remove the original from its factory location. This makes you think everything is as it was, but safety is so important in case of an accident. The car will return to our shop next week and we will do the last few details before delivery.

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