September 15, 2006


The windshield wipers are pretty rare. The same wiper is used for the 904 and the 910. The wiper will be bead blasted and painted satin black.

You can still get the wiper.

Looks pretty good. Even the original N.O.S. squirter. I have saved a few of these from the old days and it's nice to have them for these really great Porsche racers.


Here, the exhaust pipes are fitted to the pipe hanger and will be sent off to be Jet Hot coated.
Since this photo was taken, the pipes were coated and are now on the car.


You can see them sneaking through the bottom of the undertray.

I have been waiting for these rear air ducts. The originals were plastic and not very durable (which is why you never see them). I got these from Kerry Morse through Mike, "the Shark", Gent. He needed them for his project and got Kerry to produce them for me too. Thanks Mike and Kerry.

Because the plastic ones were finished on both sides, I sanded and duratec'd the fiberglass cloth to make it smooth. The ducts now look like the originals but are very strong and will hopefully never crack. The reason why there are multiples in the picture is because I had extras made for Tom Stegman's Carrera 6.

We use the factory paper-coated duct. This is what the factory used because it was very light. Don't worry boys, the cars also came with the canvas-coated duct.

Well, someone had to do it...and it was Gunnar Racing. We now have floorboards for the Carrera 6.
We had to take three broken floorboards and glue them all together to get one part to make a mold from.
I have made two and one will go to Tom's 906.

The mold on the left, the part on the right. I gel coat the color onto the part. It is fiberglass not plastic, but it won't scratch through to the wrong color and they won't crack or disintegrate like the original plastic floors.

The air duct is installed, which guides cool air to the fan, rather than sucking the hot air from around the engine.

We've installed the original windshield washer bag, which goes on the inside of the left front fender.

We gave this car the Geze clamp (old ski binding) on the tail. This was a factory update because the original latches sometimes would let the tail fly open. We also installed the 910 type door latch for the front hinging for the driver's door. This was another factory update.

I re-made the Geze clamps 100 years ago and luckily have a few left.

The door button was used on some updated Carrera 6's, all 910's, all 907's, all 908's, all 917's, and believe it or not...962's, but the 962 had a key button. These buttons are from a 1960 VW rear deck lid. An interesting note...when you bought a new 962, you got two Porsche ignition keys (the ignition switch was 911), and two keys for the doors. Of course, the keys for the doors were the stamped VW emblem key. Way cool!

Some pictures of the finished detail. Remember, the passenger door retains its original "Gul"l style door hinges.

The safety switch in the picture on the right is not original to a 906, but when this became mandatory in the early '70's, this is where the switch was installed.

It's amazing what the sun will do to signal red. For those of you who notice the car in the back, it is the 1983 overall winner at the 24 hours of Le Mans. The drivers were Holbert, Schuppan and Haywood.

The car looks finished, but it has a cracked rear window. We are waiting for the new one to get finished, which will hopefully be sometime next week.

Here's a few more shots for you.




This is the end for now.

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