November 5, 2004

We've also been busy on 127. Martin, Andy, and I are fitting the doors so they hinge perfectly with proper gaps. In between Andy's body duties, he's putting the finish on the last mechanical parts. These pictures show the steering column that has been painted and now resembled. You can see we use Kluber grease (der german stuff), to assemble all the parts.

Andy is setting up the brakes on the completed front suspensions.

The nose cover inside structure is now being attached to the hood.

Sometimes you have to use your imagination to make the bond a perfect fit. The Dixie cups hold lead shot for weight. The container on the right is also a 10 lb lead weight. These weights keep the outside skin flush with the body while the epoxy cabosil is curing. The picture on the right shows the hinges being fabricated for the driver's door.

The driver's door is the weak link in the 906. We hinge this door forward like a 910 because if the gull wing mechanisms are used, the door loves to fly off. We will use the original gull-type hinges on the passenger side.

If you noticed on Stegman's 906, the driver's door had this type of hinge. This was done by Porsche or an energetic team that was sick of the driver's door flying open and most often flying off the car.

We're not aware that this car was delivered with a forward hinging door, but I said it was OK, so it is! The picture shows Andy opening the driver's door and I'm opening the passenger door.

Andy is proud of his handy hood work.

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