May 5, 2004

As you can see, the first update on this new project (906-127) will begin in the during stage. This car was obtained in pieces and has been in our facility waiting for restoration for more than ten years. During this time, various parts of the project have been worked on, but none of the assembly had begun.

Most of the glass panels have already been made and have been fit to the chassis in these pictures. The chassis was actually restored by Jim Weber but not painted. We have primed it black and will be painting it in the following pictures.

It is easier to fit all the inside panels and glue them in before the body is applied (remember our last 906 project).

These are various shots of this work being done.



At the beginning of this week, we sanded the chassis for final paint.

The chassis is now on the assembly table and we will show the gluing of all the inside panels next.

The tail for this project is a factory original new tail. After time, the gel coat spider cracked so it had to be ground off.


After the gel coat has been removed, a skin coat of filler is applied and then the complete tail will be primed with duratech. This product is actually lighter but has the same surface consistency as gel coat (great stuff).

These are pictures of the inside of the tail, which are neat because it's original, but not neat enough or strong enough to leave in this state. We will apply one layer of cloth (german type) to re-strengthen and make prettier.

The factory contracted these parts to other companies and their consistency to detail lacked. I have disassembled many racing Porsches, some are better than others during the build process.

The picture on the right shows one square of gel coat remaining, but it will be ground off and re-primed.

These runs are typical of early glass fabrication. Sometimes the runs aren't quite as bad. We do like original character, but to leave this is a little too much.

The tail is now nearing the primer stage. This work was done at the first of 2004.

From shit to shine in one spray.

The weight of this tail will indeed grow but not by more than 5-7 pounds.

The tail will be a lot stronger for its remaining life (hopefully 200 years).

These pictures are after the tail is block sanded. The next primer will be red because the car will be signal red. We will be telling you the great history of 127, which includes the 1966 European Hill Climb Champion for 2 liter prototypes. At the helm was Sepp Greger who is still alive and wants to drive his old car again. Sepp is now 83 years old. If Paul Newman at 79 can kick butt, we're sure Sepp can do the same.

This is a photo of Sepp Greger's visit November 24, 2002.
Left to right is Otto Grossmann, Kevin, Sepp Greger, and Steve Johns.

Here I am making the door seals. You remember the process.


Some of the mechanical parts are being painted.

The pictures aren't great, but the 906 guys love them.

We will try to give you two updates a week on this project.

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