May 10, 2004

127 is out of the booth and ready for the final body fit.

I have made the left door seal and am not fitting it.
This morning I made the right one and will fit it tomorrow.

The part is ready to be pulled from the mold. The left side is now fit and ready for gluing. Notice the tape on the pipes. During the fitting process, the fiberglass scratches the painted tubes. This is why you see masking tape on the tubes in the picture.

The door panel and the dead pedal panel are actually made from different sides of the mold. Meaning: the door seal has a smooth surface on the inside of the car and the front panel has the smooth surface to the wheel well side. No one knows why they did it this way! Andy is now fitting the pedal assembly to make sure there will be proper fit after painting.

The complete pedal assembly will then be removed, then I will glass the panels in, then the steering rack, pedals, and master cylinders will be re-installed for good.

It's easier to install all these mechanical parts while the nose is off the car. Note the holes in the pedals. Sepp Greger drilled these himself during the lightening process before a hill climb. When he visited us in late 2002, he commented on the lightening holes and said this is why he won so many hill climbs!

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