February 5, 2003

Me, the narrator and part time boss, got sick after Daytona! Don't know if it was Daytona sick or just sick, but I'm back now. Me and the boys are getting ready to paint this here 906, signal red.

Sanded and now being taped off for red primer.

The blue area is the filler that meets the floorboard. There's like 33 soft angles that all have to meet between the extended nose, the jack spurs, and the center section of the floor.

This may look like regular visqueen, but it's not. It's made so that paint sticks to it. The paint won't stick to normal visqueen. If you put two coats of paint on, the second coat will blow the first coat off and the paint particles will fly into the wet paint. U.S.C. makes this product for masking vehicles.

Signal red! Cool!

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