May 30, 2003

Another very interesting tid bit: this is what a 6 cylinder alternator looks like.

This is the street version. It's built heavy duty, utilizing aluminum casting housing.

This is a typical C6, 910, or 911R alternator that's magnesium and has lightening holes.

This baby is from 906-151. It's magnesium, the base has been trimmed (to eliminate weight), and look how many holes are drilled in it. It's approximately two lbs lighter than the street version and just less than a pound lighter than the standard racing version. I've changed a lot of alternators on racing Porsches, but have never seen one this cool.

Now that the fan and fan housing are coated and the hub is re plated, I've installed the lower pulley, the oil lines, and have refit all the injection components (but removed the injection for engine installation).

I prettied up the Carrera 6 flywheel, but will not install it until after engine assembly because the engine goes in the bay easier with the flywheel missing. We ran out of time to drop the engine in today, we will do this on monday. The rest of the Dunlop tires showed up this morning and were mounted. You will see 151 on the ground real soon!

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