July 16, 2003

Details, details, details. There are two ways we start an engine: #1- We install the motor and jury rig all the plumbing and wiring just so it will start. #2- We finish the plumbing, wiring, and all the other engine hookups and then start it. We chose the later so for the past ten days we've been hooking up all the little doodads. We'll give her a go tonight! Sorry you won't know how she runs until tomorrow.

We cheat with the low light sender. This is a current sender that actually works. The original ones don't ever work and they are no longer available.

Check out that nice new injection belt!

We use an aircraft battery, which is just a little bigger than original. It has more cranking amps and it has no-spill filler caps (no cockpit corrosion).

The battery will be installed in a base mount and will also have a top bracket that bolts to the bottom. Originally, the battery was held in with a rubber strap (not safe).

Andy is putting oil in!!!
Stay Tuned.....

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