Interscope Racing 935
June 11, 2003

Before the tub goes on the frame table (to make sure it's straight and true), I will sand or sandblast the tub completely to remove all the dead paint.

I will do this in sections, as you saw, I already did the front trunk. Yesterday I did the left front and left rear quarter panels.

I also blasted the rocker because the lightening holes make it difficult to get good paint inside. Because the paint inside the holes was not very well painted, sandblasting is the only way to get the old paint removed. Typically, we have one moon to get paint on bare metal, if the metal stays inside the body shop. I painted this side of the car early this morning, which meant about 13 hours of open air time on the bare metal. I will try to do the other side tomorrow and then the cockpit this weekend.
Notice the sand inside the tub. Our spray booth is a down draft type, which means if I blow the painted area free of dirt, the sand inside is kept still because the air is blowing from the ceiling down.
I actually could put the final coat of paint on the outside of the car and not have sand get in the fresh paint. But don't you try this at home!

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