Interscope Racing 935
June 23, 2003

Now that we have our new sandblaster and one good day without rain
(can't sandblast inside the shop), we're back on the 935.

Everything will have to be blasted because the base primer and the black layers of paint were never applied very well.

We have to remove all the paint, which in turn etches the metal so the primer sticks like glue.

The tape covers a crack. The lighter gray areas are filler from when the car had an accident at Road Atlanta. We'll tell you more about the accident in a later update.

You notice two more pieces of tape covering cracks in the running board mounts. After the car is primed, we remove the tape and have a perfectly clean surface for welding the cracks.

I will be priming the whole right side and most of the engine bay.

There are still minor imperfections in all the newly painted surfaces and we will deal with these after the car is checked on the chassis table.

Another good reason for using black primer is that painting in these lightening holes is very difficult.
If a spot is missed with the final paint you'll never see it.

Only the cockpit has to be blasted before the tub goes on the table.

Hand sanding these areas would take a couple of days and all the ends of ones fingers! Sandblasting with our new machine took four hours to blast and two hours to clean and prime.

The arrow on the bottom points to the original pickup point for the lower control arm for an upside down transmission. Kremer raised the pickup points even more and fabricated the upper part of the box.

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