Interscope Racing 935
September 10, 2003

Luckily, the news guys are both small.
Here, Mike is doing the tedious work of hand sanding the cockpit floor.

Mike and John are pounding the floor to remove the dents,
while Mark is pulling all the crushed seams back to normal.

These seams are normally three pieces of metal spot welded together. One off road excursion,
and the seam gets shoved up into the bottom of the car 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch depending...!

Mark welds a metal tab to the seam, connects the slide hammer with a half inch pin
and starts slam dunking.

Mark has got the look that John is going to get his fingers in there somehow.

Mark says, "Today I'm clean, tomorrow, one of these guys is going to get me".

Mark uses the straight edge to pull the seams level to the floor.

The toughest part of any 911 restoration is the tub. This car is no exception.

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