Interscope Racing 935
September 22, 2003

The steering rack gets a rebuild while I'm sanding for final paint.

John is helping at the other end.

The picture is right side up, looking at the upside down shot of the roof.
The tail pit pin holes were frayed and tattered (kevlar),
so I put two layers of s-weave to strengthen the roof surround where it meets the tail.

The clamps are holding the edge straight while it cures.

This Kremer car had lightening holes everywhere.

The bottom has been painted and taped off. The area above the left axle was damaged, probably by a broken axle. We went ahead and removed the skin, pounded her flat, and replaced the metal.

While the panel was open, rust inhibiting paint was applied before closing the hole.

Other areas ready for final paint. Remember, we use black urethane primer,
which is heavy duty and makes chipping less noticeable.

Everywhere gets satin black paint.

The lower box is the original 1979, upside down gear box car control arm mount.
The box above, with the long groove, is the Kremer added box.
This enables the car to be lowered even more than the standard factory upside down gear box car.

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