Interscope Racing 935
September 24, 2003

The tub is ready for assembly and there will be an average of four people
working on the car for the rest of the week.

Here, Andy and John are installing the right side stabilizer bar (titanium spear).

A better view.

Here, Andy is rebuilding the front ball joints on the lower control arms.

The front pickup is mounted in a formed aluminum 2-piece mount. The picture on the right is one of the cables that activate the front stabilizer bar (adjustable from cockpit).
The writing, which is faded, says "Kremer", cool....

Here, you can see the cables installed through the tub. Each cable goes to one of the spears.

Wires are ready to go in and here is the cockpit control unit for the front bar.

The control arm is mounted and the upright will be installed next.

Now, Andy and John have installed the Bilstein struts. Titanium is used generously on this car.
For instance, titanium springs and nuts and bolts.

All the wiring and electrical components are being installed.
This is a special update because Joe Policastro, Jay's father,
is standing right behind my shoulder watching the creation of this update.
Joe and Jay are here in Florida to race at the Miami Grand Prix this weekend.
They drive the Orbit Racing #42 GT3-RS.

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