966 Rebuild

Wayne Jackson's 966 has been run quite a bit since we've done the complete rebuild. At some of the longer tracks more boost was run in the car in order to make up for it's aerodynamic inefficiencies. This reduced the life on the engine and at the Petit LeMans historic race it began to go sour. Have a look at what we've found.

Here's the car after it's rebuild.

Here is the 966's cockpit. The amount off boost that is run makes a very big difference on the horsepower and also the life of the engine.
So more boost = more power = more speed = more fun = less life = more $$$ spent.

Notice the arrows are pointing to little dents that go all around the valve. These dents appear when the engine is run constantly at high revs and the two valves hit each other slightly. It happens more frequently when you have intake valves of almost 52mm.

Here is a burnt valve, this occurs when there's just too much heat. This little crack causes less compression.

The little crack sometimes turns into a big hole like this. The metal melts so it isn't so much like shrapnel going through the engine.

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