December 9, 2010

Here's Dave and his zipper housing measuring one of the Shell stripes.

Bret is removing the tail.

You can see how badly the body was rattled from the hit in the front. It actually broke the weld at the base of the roll bar.

The detail of this car wasn't so good.

Add a lot of gray paint and it looks passable.

Okay paint everything including the VW deck lid latch which is what Porsche used on most of the prototype doors including the 962.

How long do you think it would of run with the fuel pickup stuffed with fuel cell foam? We see this all the time when we tear the cars apart.

Note the colors on the titanium springs. This identifies the spring rate.

Andy marks all the wires and then photographs and details everything in notes. We have done this more than 10 times on 917's, but I guarantee that without the picture reassembly would be difficult.

All the wires are marked and ready to remove.

This is the oil thermostat which is basically like any 911s with front coolers and the same as 904 & 906.

Another fuel pickup...

...What do you think this shit is??

Engine is getting ready to be plucked.

This is a special engine-tilt mechanism that we made, because the Porsche one is not adjustable. We scratch less 917 frame tubes that surround the engine with this special tool.


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